FREN 172/212: Supervised Study Abroad France

FREN 172 or FREN 212

4 credits

4 weeks in Nice, France

Professor Susan Dixon

An intensive, immersion experience with a specific focus on Provence as a cultural crossroads, this program includes study in a French language school, living with a French-speaking family, excursions, and cultural activities. Located on the Mediterranean Sea near Monaco, Italy, and the Alps, Nice has been part of France for only 150 years but has archeological ruins that date from 400,000 years ago. Students are encouraged to explore the city's many museums, partake in café culture, and stroll along the famous seaside "Promenade des Anglais."

Students will be placed in small classes at a language school with other French-learners and will have particular exposure to French culture and language in their home-stays. The program includes many site visits in and outside of Nice, including a weekend trip with the W&L program director. In addition, students will investigate a neighborhood, organization, monument, etc. in Nice or the surrounding area relating to a specific part of Nice's cultural heritage that they will present to the group and on the blog.

Program Fee (paid to W&L): $3500. This fee includes: ground transportation; onsite orientation; language classes 5 days/week; housing with a French family (breakfast and dinner included); cultural activities and excursions, including one weekend trip; mandatory supplementary health insurance. Students must arrange for their own travel to Nice.

Estimated Additional Expenses: $1,500 - Airfare; $650 - to cover additional costs while on the program (daily lunch + 2 dinners during the weekend excursion, cell phone costs, and other entertainment and personal expenses.

Prerequisites: For FREN 172-FREN 111 and 112 during the same academic year and a grade of B (3.0) or better in FREN 112. For FREN 212-FREN 162, FREN 164, or instructor consent. Majors in subjects other than French, including other languages, are encouraged to apply.

Please email Prof. Dixon for further information.