ECON 288B: African Economic Development Ghana


4 Credits

3 Weeks in Ghana

Professor Niels-Hugo Blunch

Through field trips and personal experiences in Ghana, you will obtain a first-hand experience on what "economic development" is - or could or should be - thus complementing the class readings and assignments, which are typically all that is included in a regular (on-campus) course. While the field trips are structured so as to provide a high likelihood of you obtaining such complementary experiences "by default" chances are that you will add to these experiences yourself, as well. Perhaps most significantly due to the fact that primary room and board (while in Ghana) will be in terms of homestays, so that you will experience first-hand what Ghanaian everyday life is really like!

More specifically, this course will present you with an intensive introduction to economic development in sub-Saharan Africa, with an emphasis on Ghana as a case study. The main part of the course is on location, in Ghana (about 3 weeks) - starting out with the first half week in Lexington for preparation, to help improve the time in Ghana, and finishing with the last half week back in Lexington for wrapping up the course. During the course there will be emphasis on the importance of health and education in economics development, especially the importance of educating girls and the potential importance of adult literacy programs in economic development in Ghana. While some of this addresses historical experiences, a major focus will be towards the future challenges and opportunities.

Prerequisite: ECON 101

Program Fee (paid to W&L): $3,800. This includes international airfare, visa, ground transportation, room and board, guest lectures, events, tours and mandatory supplemental health insurance.

Estimated Additional Expenses: $700 (books, vaccinations, spending money).

Mandatory Pre-departure Orientation: Monday, March 19, 2012 at 7 p.m. in Northen Auditorium (Leyburn Library).

Contact Professor Blunch for further information (incl. preliminary syllabus).