ARTH 356: Technical Examination of 17th Century Dutch Painting The Netherlands

ARTH 356

4 Credits

4 Weeks in The Netherlands

Professor Erich Uffelman

ARTH 356 involves a survey of 17th century Dutch history, art history, etc., which links the scientific analysis to the art and culture of the time. The first twelve weeks (CHEM156) involving primarily the scientific and technical background will be taught on campus at W&L during the winter term. The second four weeks (ARTH 356) involving art and culture, will be taught at the Center for European Studies (CES) Universiteit Maastricht.

In the Netherlands, students will have the opportunity to see the conservation laboratories at some of the major Dutch art museums. The language of instruction at CES Maastricht is English. The Dutch are typically fluent in several languages including English, so students will not have to learn a foreign language to participate in the program. However, students will be expected to learn key phrases in Dutch as a matter of courtesy to citizens of the host country. FDR HA.

Pre-requisite: CHEM 156 (3 credits, winter term 2012, FDR SC). Permission of the instructor required.

Program Fee (paid to W&L): $3,350. This includes tuition (Maastricht), room and some meals, field trips and transportation in host country and mandatory supplemental health insurance.

Estimated Additional Expenses: Airfare ($1200); meals ($500); personal spending money ($200)

Mandatory Pre-departure Orientation: Monday, March 12, 2012 at 7 p.m. in Northen Auditorium (Leyburn Library).
Contact Prof. Uffelman for further information.