Friendship Family Program

The Washington and Lee University Friendship Family Program matches W&L international students with local families and individuals who want to connect with international students. The purpose of the Friendship Family Program is to facilitate friendship and cultural interaction.

Who participates in the Friendship Family Program?
Friendship Family Program is a completely volunteer program that is open to W&L international students and to members of the Lexington area community. International students typically choose to participate in order to learn more about American culture and customs through interaction with an American family, improve conversational English skills, and to develop friendships with individuals in the local community. There are dozens of international students at W&L, representing a diverse range of cultures and interests. Friendship families participate in the program in order to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment to international students far away from home.

How are friendship families and students matched?
Student and friendship families are selected and matched based on similar interests and preferences collected in the application form. Therefore, we hope that you will be thoughtful as you complete your application form, since we will use this information to create a match. The only information on the application form that will be shared with your match is your contact information. The application form data will be kept in W&L FormsBuilder unless you request that it be deleted.

Where can I learn more about the program?
You can learn much more about the program from the Friendship Family Program Handbook. Questions about the Friendship Family Program should be directed to Hunter Swanson (

Ready to apply?
Application form for friendship families
Application form for international students