The Ruscio Center for Global Learning houses a diverse array of technologically-enhanced learning spaces - from cozy seminar rooms suitable for small groups to spacious classrooms accommodating dozens of students. Large-scale lecture halls with row upon row of tiered seating are notably absent - instead, you will find comfortable spaces with modular, moveable furniture encouraging group collaboration and person-to-person exchange. Furniture can be rearranged quickly and easily to facilitate any kind of classroom activity.

All CGL classrooms are equipped with resident computers connected to flexible and intuitive audiovisual control systems. Switch from the resident PC to the built-in document camera, project scenes from a DVD or your personal laptop, display different content on an array of projectors and wall-mounted display screens, even raise and lower the window shades, all from an easy-to-use touch panel interface. Our classroom technology is capable of supporting a wide variety of activities while being accessible enough for anyone to use.

For additional information or to arrange a classroom orientation, please contact the ITS Help Desk by emailing or calling 540-458-4357.

Moveable desks sit in rows in front of two wall-mounted display screens. A lectern with computer and projector screen sit to the left.

List of CGL Classrooms and 25Live links:

  • 104 Classroom - Capacity: 26
  • 114 Versatile Learning Classroom - Capacity: 24
  • 115 Classroom - Capacity: 28
  • 123 (Global Discovery Labs) Global Connections Conference Room - Capacity: 18
  • 126 (Global Discovery Labs) Global Communications Room - Capacity: 22
  • 134 (Global Discovery Labs) Global Exploration Room - Capacity: 16
  • 201 Classroom - Capacity: 9
  • 203 Classroom - Capacity: 26
  • 211 Versatile Learning Classroom - Capacity: 24
  • 212 Classroom - Capacity: 28
  • 214 Classroom - Capacity: 24
  • 246 Seminar - Capacity: 18