Networking does not need to be a mysterious or challenging process. Networking is speaking to individuals who know about an industry, a company, a location or a career path that interests you. Your goal is to talk with people who share your interest and can offer insights to gaining experience. You can effectively network by establishing contacts, introducing yourself to them, preparing to meet with them, and thanking them for their time. 

Washington and Lee's Office of Alumni Affairs provides students and alumni with Colonnade Connections, the W&L online alumni directory. Colonnade Connections is a great opportunity for student to build their network. Should you have any issues with Colonnade Connections, please contact Alumni Affairs.

As you develop professional contacts, you are creating a path to your first job or internship. Recent articles report that between 65-85% of all jobs are discovered as a direct result of a conversation (networking). Take networking step by step and allow yourself enough time to cultivate meaningful relationships that you will maintain throughout your career.

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews can be a great way to explore careers and show interest in an industry.