LinkedIn Resources

Disclaimer: LinkedIn is a business social network. Everything posted to and talked about on LinkedIn should be professional.

From creating a comprehensive professional profile, to connecting with alumni and potential employers, here are some tips for using LinkedIn effectively. Read below to find information regarding setting up a profile, expanding your network, intentional connecting, and tips for how to be successful on LinkedIn. 


Your profile should be complete; your picture should be clean and professional. As with a resume, your job and/or internship history, skills, interests, etc... should be carefully considered and well articulated. Furthermore, use your profile to advance causes that matter to you and share resources.

1) Name

Use your full name but include nickname if it differs significantly.

2) Profile Picture

A professional photo is preferred, but a photo where someone can see your face and you are not doing/holding anything inappropriate will suffice.

3) Headline

Many choose to highlight the current job they are holding, but for most students it's perfectly ok to say you are a student at Washington and Lee University. You SHOULD update your LinkedIn for any and all summer internship positions as well as full time job come graduation.

4) Education

List that you attend W&L and join the Washington and Lee University Network.

5) Major/Degree/Graduation

Any information that can be found on your resume regarding this should be listed here

6) Locations

Typically used to show current location or hometown. Include if you would like.

7) Multimedia

If you're creative, here is the place to show your work! Include a link to personal websites, digital portfolios, etc.

8) Skills

If you're fluent in another language or can code on 3 different platforms, include this information, and anything else like it, on your LinkedIn profile. 

Expanding Network

Use your network to stay up to date with current events and trends in particular industries as well as expand upon social and professional circles. Be proactive with LinkedIn; find and connect with W&L alumni through the W&L University page in LinkedIn.  Under "connections" select "find alumni" and filter results by geography, expertise, major, age, industry, or employer. 

Connect with employers

If you have had a job/internship before, connect with your boss or anyone else you might have worked with. This is a great way to stay in contact with and remain relevant to the employer.

Connect with W&L

Join the W&L Alumni LinkedIn Group, Washington and Lee, or any other network deemed appropriate and applicable. Connect with W&L alums that you have met, whether on campus, at an info session, or alumni weekend, as they can be great resources for future job searches.

Connect with Friends

While LinkedIn should not be used solely for linking with friends, you should connect with them. 

Intentional  Connecting

Build your profile (and network) by following companies or groups that interest you and align with your career goals. If you are planning on internship or job searching in the near future, you should follow any potential employers of interest on LinkedIn. Not only will this help you keep up to date with what the company is doing, but also will allow the employer, upon reviewing your resume or conducting an interview, to see if you follow them. Employers want to see that you are interested in their company, its values, and what they have to offer (other than securing your employment). You should follow in similar suit by liking the company on Facebook and/or following them on Instagram or Twitter.