Academic Preparation for Law School A well-rounded liberal arts education will offer the best preparation for law school

There is no specified pre-law major or curriculum; students interested in legal studies may select any regular undergraduate major. Instead of promoting a particular academic concentration for students interested in a pre-law education, the Association of American Law Schools values an undergraduate education that focuses on a "highly individualized process pursued with high purpose and intensive intellectual effort." "[A] broad-based academic experience well grounded in the liberal arts provides the best preparation for law school." LSAC's Law School Admission Reference Manual.

Students should thus pursue a course of study which develops:

  • comprehension and communication skills
  • critical understanding of human institutions and values
  • creative power in thinking

Law related courses offered at W&L - this is a non-exhaustive list and not all are available each year


  • ACCT 201: Intro to Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 202: Intro to Managerial Accounting
  • ACCT 359: Tax Business Entities- Tax Law
  • BUS 304: Modern Prof Communications
  • BUS 312: Computer Forensics
  • BUS 330: Global Human-Resource Management
  • BUS 345: Business Ethics
  • BUS 346: Foundations in Business Law
  • BUS 349: Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in Business
  • CHIN 305: Intro to Business and Legal Chinese
  • ECON 230: Labor Economics
  • ECON 235: Economics of Social Issue
  • REL/ECON 246: Caste at the Intersection of Economy, Religion, and Law (STA in Nepal)
  • ECON 248: Economic Analysis of Law
  • ECON 270: International Trade
  • ECON 280: Development of Economics
  • ECON 340: Innovation and Patents


  • WRIT 100: Writing Seminar for First-Years
  • ENGL 260: Literary Approaches to Poverty
  • ENGL 262: Literature, Race, and Ethnicity
  • ENGL 370: Literary Theory


  • HIST 258: Women in America, 1870-present
  • HIST 107: History of the US to 1876
  • HIST 101: European Civ, 1500-1789


  • JOUR 280: Covering Courts and the Law
  • JOUR 295: Say What? Landmark First Amendment Cases and Their Implications for Speech in the 21st Century
  • JOUR 301: Law and Communications
  • JOUR 303: Covering Great Trials in History: The Impact of the Press and Public on Justice
  • JOUR 344: Ethics of Journalism

Legal Studies

  • LEGL 220: The Legal Profession

Join W&L's Mock Trial team. "Mock Trial provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to develop critical thinking and public speaking skills and an understanding of the American justice system and its practices and procedures through preparing for and engaging in trial simulations in competition with teams from other colleges and universities." Students may receive course credit for the following:

  • LEGL 241: Introduction to Jury Advocacy
  • LEGL 431: Tutorial in Trial Preparation and Procedure


  • PHIL 180: Race and Justice in America
  • PHIL 242: Social Inequality and Fair Opportunity
  • PHIL 246: Philosophy of Sex
  • PHIL 252: Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL 254: Philosophy of Family: Beyond Tradition
  • PHIL 348: Legal Ethics


  • POL 100: American National Government
  • POL 105: Introduction to Global Politics
  • POL 111: Introduction to Political Philosophy
  • POL 203: State and Local Government
  • POL 233: Environmental Policy and Law
  • POL 234: Congress and the Legislative Process
  • POL 236: The American Supreme Court and Constitutional Law
  • POL 240: Elections and Law in Comparative Perspective
  • POL 265: Classical Political Philosophy
  • POL 266: Modern Political Philosophy
  • POL 283: Minority Voting Rights and Fair Redistricting
  • POL 342: Seminar: Law and the Judicial Process


  • POV 295: Child Abuse and Neglect Seminar
  • POV 423: Poverty and Human Capability: A Research Seminar
  • POV 450: Shepherd Summer Internship


  • REL 220: Whose Law? Legal Pluralism, Conflict, and Justice
  • REL 222: Law and Religion
  • REL/ECON 246: Caste at the Intersection of Economy, Religion, and Law (STA in Nepal)
  • REL 335: Hindu Law: Theory and Practice
  • REL 381: Islamic Law in Society


  • SOAN 228: Race and Ethnic Relations