Data Analytics

The demand for data analysts has been growing every day, and many aspects of data analytics make it a very attractive field. With use of technology, data analytics makes interpreting great amounts of information very efficient. Data analysts are expected to understand not only how to read data, but also how to interpret and present it in a meaningful way. Data analytics is not just for computer science majors. You can apply almost any background to a data analytics role, as it is a field that requires both quantitative and qualitative skills. Data analysis, numerical pattern recognition, and computer/ statistical languages like Stata, SQL, R, Python, Java, and C++, all fall under the quantitative side of data analytics. On the more qualitative side are skills like reasoning, presentation of data skills, and pattern recognition.

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Banking and Finance

Many banks are starting to invest resources and funding into programs which will train their workers in AI and utilize employees' skills in data analytics.

Sports/ Entertainment

  • Work In Sports - log in with Facebook or LinkedIn and search jobs in Technology, Software, and Data
  • Data Science Graduate Program - search for graduate programs to prepare for a data science career in the sports industry

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