Application Resources

Resume, CV, and Cover Letter Resources

Impressive professional documents are essential for a successful job or internship search as well as graduate school or fellowship applications. CPD’s collection of resources for resumes, CVs, and cover letters can help you get started or improve your draft. Check out some helpful templates and schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor or Career Fellow to review.

Interview Preparation

Interviewing is a learned skill that requires preparation and practice. The CPD office is here to help you learn to tell your story and navigate the interview process. Get started with our General Guide to Interviews and explore our resources on informational and phone interviews. Contact us at to discuss your approach, schedule a mock interview, or reserve an interview room.

Practice virtual interviewing with pre- or custom-made video interviews. The platform (free for students) records your interview and allows you to individually review and/or send your responses to a Career Advisor for feedback.

Digital Portfolios

A digital portfolio, which often takes the form of a personal website, is an online repository of your work, from both in and outside of the classroom, which displays your skill development, previous projects and work, and accomplishments. It can contain a variety of different types of content, including writing samples, spreadsheets, artistic or journalistic samples, computer code, and projects. Check out this step-by-step guide to create your own digital portfolio.