Travel Expense Report Instructions

Travel Expense Report Forms need to be submitted to the Business Office following the return of any person traveling on behalf of the University, who is seeking reimbursement for expenses related to travel or has incurred expenses related to travel. If a travel advance was issued, these reports must be received in the Business Office no later than five business days after the return date of the trip with all receipts attached. For any further questions on travel reports or travel advances, please contact the Business Office or check the Business Office website.

Complete Travel Expense Reports as follows:

  1. Travel Expense Voucher of - Place full legal name here.
  2. Date Submitted - Date report filled out and send to Business Office
  3. Purpose, Dates, and Locations of Travel - list information pertinent to University Travel of the individual seeking reimbursement.
  4. List expenses which were incurred in the course of travel individually or that were incurred for the purpose of the trip in question. Some examples of charges related to the purpose of travel would be registration fees or up-front payment on hotel reservations. List all the information associated with each expense such as dates, descriptions, and a breakdown into the category that the expense applies to, such as, lodging, meals, or transportation. Effective January 1, 2008, the mileage rate is .375.
  5. Total All Expenses.
  6. Subtract any expenses that were paid with a University credit card.
  7. List the amount of reimbursable expenses left for this report after subtracting anything paid by University credit card.
  8. Subtract any cash advances received in connection with this travel.
  9. List the amount owed to the individual or the amount needed to be refunded to the University.
  10. If reimbursement is requested, circle the method of reimbursement preferred (direct deposit or U.S. Mail).
  11. Attach ALL invoices and receipts for all expenses. For items over $25, a receipt must be submitted. For items under $25, receipts should be submitted but if one is not available, a list of any items under $25 with amounts, dates, and descriptions must be included with the report. If receipts are not submitted for any items, there could be possible tax consequences to the individual. If foreign Per Diem Rates are used, no receipts are required. However, any reimbursement over allowable Federal Per Diem Rates would be treated as taxable income.
  12. Certify the form with the signature of the traveler, and the authorized signature of the person approving the travel. Note: Authorized signatures must be those of supervisors or person's with the equivalent or higher level of authority than the traveler and have the authority to authorize payment for travel reimbursement.
  13. Fill in the departmental account number.
  14. Scan the report and receipts to the Accounts Payable Inbox. If any money is owed to the University, you may submit the reimbursement via check or cash to the Business Office along with a hard copy of the expense report and receipts.  Reimbursement checks for travel expenses will be issued in accordance with the normal check processing dates of the Business Office (Tuesdays & Fridays), and with respect to normal check processing procedures.