Account Adjustment/Transfers Instructions

Business Office Account Adjustment/Transfers are to be used to make corrections to accounts or charge other organizational or departmental accounts with services/goods received or given. Please use the new site to submit your transfer.  Below are instructions and tips for processing transfers.

  • The transfer is sent both the Manager of the accounts being debited and credited.
  • If you have a long list of accounts in your transfer, contact Danielle Lee for another option.
  • Please contact Danielle Lee ( or x8221) if you have any questions.
  • JE transfers are not the same as budget transfers, which should be completed with the Treasurer’s Office.

Click here for instructions for submitting a new transfer

Process for approving transfer entries

  1. You will receive an email notification that you have an transfer to approve in Workday
  2. In Workday, go to you inbox (top right corner next to your picture)
  3. Click transfer to view the transfer
  4. Review and Click Approve or Deny whether you approve the transfer or not, you have the option to send the transfer back to the submitter and make comments
  5. You can add Approver comments in the memo box below.
  6. If approved, the transfer will go to Mary Nicely for review, approval, and processing. 

Process for printing entry

Once the entry is submitted, click on the PDF link at to right of the screen.  A PDF will open and you can save a copy of your transfer on your Office's drive.  If the transfer has already been completed, you can go to My Journal Lines to be able to find the transfer.