Account Adjustment/Transfers Instructions

Business Office Account Adjustment/Transfers are to be used to make corrections to accounts or charge other organizational or departmental accounts with services/goods received or given. Please use the new site to submit your transfer.  Below are instructions and tips for processing transfers.

  • Do not send hardcopy transfers to the Business Office. All transfers should be submitted and approved through the Account Adjustment Transfer site.
  • The department that receives the charge or expense (DEBIT) will need to approve the transfers.
  • If you are crediting (sending money to) someone's account, please send an email copy of the transfer to other people so they can be aware of transactions that will hit their account, especially when sharing cost of making corrections.
  • If you have a long list of accounts in your transfer, contact Mary Nicely for another option.
  • Please contact Mary Nicely ( or x8928) if you have any questions.
  • JE transfers are not the same as budget transfers, which should be completed with the Treasurer’s Office.

The account number used on this form should consist of 12 digits in the following format:
2-Digit Fund Number - 4-Digit Service Code - 6-Digit Department Number, i.e. AA-BBBB-CCCCCC

A. Fund Number - All student service accounts begin with 92. Plant Project accounts begin with a 61. Academic and Administration accounts will begin with an 11 or 12. Auxiliaries begin with a 10.

B. Service Code - type of service/good. Revenue codes begin with a 5 and Expense codes begin with a 7 (See the Business Office website for partial listing of object codes). Examples include:

REVENUE CODES 5590 Revenue - Sundry
EXPENSE CODES 7710 Postage
7720 Printing and Reproduction
7821 Supplies, Expendable

C. Department - the six digit number assigned to identify your organization.

Process for submitting a new entry

  1. First, log into the Account Adjustment/Transfer site with your network username and password
  2. Click on the New Request button
  3. Click on the Add link and enter the account number(s) that need to be charged or debited for the service/goods, using the drop down menus.
  4. Enter the amount each account number is to be charged.
  5. Then place the account number(s) that the money is being transferred or credited to.
  6. Enter the amount each account number is to receive.
  7. Click on Update once line is complete
  8. Click Add again, if you entry has multiple lines.
  9. Click on Edit under the Submitter Comments to enter a detailed explanation to justify the transfer(s) taking place. Click Update once complete.
  10. Click Browse if you have any attachments to Include.  Please include anything that might be used to explain a transfer or distinguish between multiple transfers such as amounts, dates, name of payee(s), invoice numbers, purchase order numbers, etc. Transfer forms with insufficient information will cause a delay in processing until sufficient information is garnered by the Business Office.
  11. Click Submit once entry is complete
  12. An email will be sent to individuals who have authorization to sign on the account(s) being debited.

Process for approving transfer entries

  1. Click on the link in your Approve Notice email or log into the Account Adjustment/Transfer site
  2. Click on the Adjustments/Transfers Requiring My Review tab. A list of transfers that need to be approved will be on this tab
  3. Click Open to view the transfer
  4. Click Approve or Deny whether you approve the transfer or not
  5. You can add Approver comments in the box below.
  6. Once you are done approving or denying the entry, click Submit
  7. If approved, the transfer will go to Mary Nicely for review, approval, and processing. If denied, the entry will be turned to the submitter.

Process for printing entry

Once the entry is submitted, click on the PDF link at the end of item line.  A PDF will open and you can save a copy of your transfer on your Office's drive.  If the transfer has already been completed, you will need to check the "Show Complete" box.