Cash Receipts

  • The Business Office will process all deposits except for gifts and contributions, which are processed by the Development Office.
  • DO NOT send cash or checks in Campus Mail.
  • Receipts will be sent via email for all deposits. Remember to tell us who needs the receipt in your deposit summary.
  • Include a note with the total of cash and/or checks with your deposit to the Business Office.
  • Provide the Workday account number to credit, description of what the deposit is for and the payer(s).
    • Examples of deposit summary notes to send with your cash receipts:

From Ms. Dept Admin
$12.52 from Nancy Graves for postage reimbursement
CC00162 (Cognitive and Behavioral Science)

From Mr. Library Support
$50.83 from Friends of the Library coffee mug sales
GIFT00282 (Friends of The Library)

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