Car Rental and Golf Cart

Car Rentals

W&L has an agreement with Enterprise Rental Cars in Lexington for business travel for students and faculty/staff.  Travelers have a choice to use a rental car or their personal car but should consider overall cost in their choice of transportation.  Travelers are encouraged to choose compact or mid-sized card whenever possible.

Washington & Lee and Enterprise and National Rentals have updated their agreement. The amendment goes into effect immediately. The major change in our previous contract references one way airport rentals. You will need to use this account number, XZ21E56, when making a one way airport drop in the state of Virginia, excluding northern Virginia. This number identifies your transactions as a W&L rental and will ensure you receive the best rate for one-way rental to and from the airport. One-way rates include unlimited mileage, except for premium through large sport utility vehicle classes. The cost of the daily rental for that vehicle is the normally advertised rate. In addition, it is the responsibility of the customer to refill with gas at drop point, and there is no additional drop fee.

The local Enterprise is no longer able to accept credit cards over the phone. It is more convenient for you to use an Emerald Club number when making reservations, rather than making a trip to the local office to give them your credit card. Therefore, we are requesting all employees, making reservation with Enterprise for University business travel, to apply for an Emerald Club Membership number. To set up an Emerald Club Membership, please email your request to Business Office, We will have Enterprise Corporate set up your profile. You will receive an invite from National Emerald Club Membership Enrollment to sign in and complete your Emerald Club profile. The "How To" instructions on setting up your membership, should be attached to the Invite. If not, let us know and we can forward them to you

Travelers are encouraged to choose compact or mid-sized rental cars whenever possible. The cost of upgrading to rental cars above the mid-size rate is the responsibility of the traveler. Exceptions will apply if the number of passengers riding in the vehicle exceeds four.

Enterprise allows contracts for one-way travel to or from the Roanoke airport at a reduced rate; one-day rental to or from the Charlottesville airport, or a one-day rental and up charge to or from the Richmond and Dulles airports. Call Enterprise directly (540-463-4679) to reserve and arrange for rental in Lexington in two ways:

  1. Pick-up at the Lexington Enterprise Rental Cars office
  2. Pick-up the car key in Business Office, and the car in the University parking garage

The itemized receipt or agreement must be included with the travel expense report. Reimbursable costs include the daily rental fee, gasoline charges, parking and tolls.

University's Account Numbers with National and Enterprise:

XZ21309     Business Use Rentals
XZ21310     Personal Use Rentals
XZ21E56     One-Way Rentals

Rental Insurance

The loss damage coverage (LDW) and/or personal accident (PAI) or additional liability insurance (ALI) should be declined when renting a car. The University maintains comprehensive, collision and liability insurance on all vehicles rented or leased for official business. The additional charges related to LDW, PAI or ALI will not be reimbursed. It is preferable to enter "Washington and Lee University" as well as the individual's signature on the rental forms. If a rented vehicle is involved in an accident, the employee must notify the Business Office (extension 8917) within 24 hours, in addition to notifying the car rental agency. If a rented or a personal vehicle, while on W&L business, is involved in a car accident, the vehicle accident form must be completed and the checklist followed in this document:

Vehicle Accident Report for Traveler's

However, please note that the University's insurance does not cover the repairs to personal vehicles used for University travel.

Gas refill

Travelers should refill gas tanks before returning the vehicles. Rental companies levy a charge for refueling, far more than the price of gas. Avoid drop charges by returning the vehicle to the renting location. Compare the cost of air travel versus driving and drop charge.

Direct routes

If a traveler takes an indirect travel route for reasons other than business, reimbursement for transportation costs will be the lesser of the actual charges and the charge that would have been incurred by traveling the direct route. Any personal portion of the cost of a rental car will not be reimbursed.


Call Enterprise (540) 463-4679 or send an email to

6 Passenger Golf Cart

The University has a six passenger golf cart available for campus transportation. The cart can be reserved by departments on a daily or weekly basis by calling the University Facilities Service Center at x8940 or (as of April 1, 2019). There are restrictions on where the cart can be driven including city regulations, which prohibit driving on city streets. However, most parts of campus are accessible. A map showing accepted pathways is available at the University Facilities Office. Rental cost is $50 per day for $200 per week.