Payment delivery, Wire, and ACH Payments

Payment Delivery

  • W&L uses an outside company to process payments for some suppliers via check, ACH, or VISA card payments.
  • Supplier checks will not be returned to departments.
  • Credit cards should be used for payment when possible. This reduces the number of people who have to touch a transaction.
  • Credit cards should also be used for recurring transactions such as office supplies, water, coffee, etc.
  • Employees and students are encouraged to sign-up for Direct Deposit via Workday using Payment Elections. You can sign up for Payroll and Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable will be regular expenses. Employee reimbursements are not sent through Campus Mail and are not available for pickup at the Business Office. They are sent via Direct Deposit if enrolled, or mailed to employee's home address.
  • Student payments are sent Direct Deposit if enrolled. If not, their check can be picked up at the Business Office by appointment only or mailed to the address indicated on request.

Wire and ACH Payments

  • Wire payments can be made to non-US vendors. Full bank account information is required including the Bank name and address, IBAN or account # and bank sort code.
  • We can also pay vendors via ACH (eChecks) if needed. Accounts Payable needs three pieces of info to do so:
    1. Bank routing #
    2. Bank account #
    3. Email address to receive the payment notice. This data is listed on vendor invoices more often as electronic payment becomes more common.
    4. Phone call from department to supplier verifying all of the information above. Accounts Payable will not accept an email from supplier until identity has been verified via phone call.
  • Make certain the purpose of the payment is clearly indicated on the request so that we can enter the necessary information for the banks. Wires and ACH payments are monitored by the banks for reporting purposes to Homeland Security and the DEA.