Kelly Bezold Molecular Research Associate

Kelly Bezold

Howe 305

The Toledo Hospital, 1985-1986

18+ years serving NW Ohio and Lexington hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, doctors and patients.

9 years teaching and researching at Washington and Lee University.


Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, minors in Chemistry and Biology, 1986


I am currently working with Dr. Nadia Ayoub to sequence and describe the genes needed for silk synthesis in spiders. I have worked with most of the Biology department faculty members during my time at WLU to develop and implement molecular protocols to aid our faculty in their research. The data we collect and analyze through sequencing and other molecular techniques has appeared in many posters and professional publications. The knowledge we gain serves to answer questions including, but not limited to, gene function, evolution, and the effects of environmental and geological impacts on organisms.


Genetics Laboratory (Biology 221)

Advanced Genetics Laboratory (Biology 321)

Independent Research and Summer Research

Professional Affiliations and Continuing Education

American Society of Clinical Pathology

American Society for Microbiology


Outside of work I enjoy hiking, organic gardening, canning fruits and vegetables from my garden and home improvement projects.

I volunteer in animal rescue and I am member of the Rockbridge Area Conservation Council.

Most recently I served as chair person of the Recycling/Reuse Subcommittee of the Rockbridge Waste Management Committee.