Summer 2016 HHMI Fellows and Projects (HHMI Fellows in bold)

Spencer Alascio.  Investigating potential impact of Smallmouth Bass invasion into native Brook Trout habitat. Mentor: Dr. Robert Humston

Lauren Arcinas.  An investigation in female rats into the role of constant access to snacks from weaning to adulthood on the onset of early signs of obesity. Mentor: Dr. Helen I’Anson

Gian Carrilho Malta. Protein-RNA binding in glycolytic enzymes.  Mentor: Dr. Kyle Friend

Ethiopia Getachew.  Investigating the relationship between nonfunctional rRNA decay (NRD) and ribophagy. Mentor: Dr. Fred LaRiviere

Tessa Hill.  Computational analysis of ribosomal collisions in S. cerevisiae. Mentor: Dr. Steve Desjardins

Lorden Hoff.  Analyzing spider silk gene proteins to test conflicting phylogenetic hypotheses of orb-web evolution. Mentor: Dr. Nadia Ayoub

Virginia McGhee. Examining a role for Sky1, in yeast cell death using live cell microscopy. Mentor: Dr. Gregg Whitworth

Uma Sarwadnya:  An Investigation into diet-Induced polycystic ovarian disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Mentor: Dr. Sarah Blythe

Morgan Trimas.  Using genetic analyses to determine if Orconectes ozarkae is introduced or native to the Upper James River Basin in Virginia. Mentor: Dr. Paul Cabe

Katrina Volk.  The effect of diet-induced obesity on neuronal activity in polycystic ovary syndrome.  Mentor: Dr. Natalia Toporikova