Studio Art

Studying Studio Art at W&L

Featured in the W&L curriculum since 1949, the Studio Art program hosts a vibrant community of creators who specialize in the communication of ideas through visual forms. Among the techniques taught are those of oil and acrylic painting; sculpture in wood, metal, and mixed-media; digital, traditional and alternative photography; and a variety of printmaking processes. Faculty both produce their own work for exhibitions and train undergraduates to think and to work as artists in the professional world.

Wilson Hall Studio Spaces

Wilson Hall's facilities offer state-of-the-art studios for all students, and feature a separate space set aside for senior art majors to produce a body of work for their thesis projects. Because each studio contains large windows looking out onto the scenic Woods Creek, these teaching and working areas are well-lit and take full advantage of the surrounding landscape that has made the Shenandoah Valley so famous.

Small Class Sizes

Enrollments for introductory-level classes are limited to about ten students, allowing the perfect setting to explore and create. Students active in the art program at W&L benefit from close interactions with faculty and frequently develop strong ties to their teachers and to their student peers. They also work long hours, learn to receive constructive criticism, and get their hands dirty.

Wilson Hall Studios