Academic Resources

Academic Advising

The academic advising system is fundamental to undergraduate education at Washington and Lee, providing resources for students as they seek not only to meet graduation requirements, but also to become liberally educated human beings with well-developed intellect and character. Academic advisors encourage students to take responsibility for their own educations and academic actions, engage in conversation beyond the classroom and help students to explore and serve a larger world through study abroad, community service, postgraduate education, and the commencement of productive careers.

Peer Tutoring

The academic peer tutoring program is available to all students at Washington and Lee University, free of charge. Upper-division student tutors are available to all students in most entry-level courses. Students can request a tutor through a faculty member, faculty adviser, resident adviser, or the Assistant Dean for First-Year Experience. All peer tutors undergo a rigorous departmental application and screening process, followed by a training program to help them assess the best way to work with students.

Academic Coaching: GRIT (Goals Responsibility Initiative Tenacity)

For help with time management, study skills, and other executive functions, you may hire academic coach Anna Crockett. She is a local consultant who works with many W&L students in a program called GRIT (Goals Responsibility Initiative Tenacity). Financial assistance may be available.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

It is the policy of the Washington and Lee University and its School of Law to provide equal access to educational opportunities to qualified students with physical or mental disabilities, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center complements the educational experience of students by providing the guidance and resources needed to develop and implement their academic and career plans. The Center provides a supportive environment encouraging individual responsibility, creativity, open-mindedness, and integrity, with comprehensive services emphasizing collaborative relationships with employers, alumni, faculty, peer institutions and the Washington and Lee University community.

Pre-Professional Advising

The liberal arts education provided at Washington and Lee is a strong foundation for any professional aspiration. Our academic catalog offers specific coursework recommendations and advice on preparing for a career in architecture, engineering, health professions, law, ministry and teaching.

Academic Help Centers

Students seeking assistance with mathematics, writing, foreign languages, research and technology will find support in the Math Center, the Writing Center, the Tucker Multimedia Center, the Williams School Communications Center and the Information Desk.


The Washington and Lee University Library includes Leyburn Library and the Telford Science Library. The Wilbur C. Hall Law Library is located in the Law School and is administered separately. Leyburn Library, Telford Library, and the law library are open 24 hours a day when classes are in session. University ID cards are needed to access the buildings between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

Information Technology Services

The technology environment at Washington and Lee offers a rich array of technology resources for students, faculty and staff, including discipline-specific software for instruction and research, course management software, personal and shared network storage, and dedicated support for student technology needs.