Related Organizations

Advocates for an Alternative Atmosphere

Mission: Focuses on education related to Sexual Misconduct.

Amnesty International

Mission: Amnesty International is a global organization composed of people who are dedicated to promoting human rights and fighting injustices that occur all around the world every day. Its mission is to investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and transform societies to create a safer, more just world. W&L's chapter of the world's largest grassroots human rights organization strives to promote awareness of human rights injustices and bring global perspective of human rights issues to campus.

Facing Sexual Violence in Rockbridge County, Virginia

Mission: The Facing Project is a national non-profit that connects people through stories to strengthen communities. This non-profit functions as the umbrella organization for Facing Sexual Violence in Rockbridge County. The national organization provides tools, a platform, and inspiration for communities to share stories about a common issue. In the summer of 2014, Facing Sexual Violence in Rockbridge County developed out of The Facing Project, initiating a project for Rockbridge Community including the campuses of W&L, VMI, and SVU, and the citizens of Rockbridge County to face the issue of sexual violence.

Gender Action Group

Mission: The Gender Action Group enriches the Washington and Lee community by promoting equality and mutual respect among the members of our community through thoughtful and steady programming. The Gender Action Group provides a forum for critical thinking and intelligent discussion about gender issues and issues that intersect with gender at monthly meetings. Members anticipate gender problems before the happen to both prevent the entrenchment of negative gender dynamics and provide a healthy atmosphere for women and men on campus.

MSA: Multicultural Student Association

Mission: To assist members of the Washington and Lee student body in developing an appreciation for and interaction with students of different social, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. MSA promotes and encourages diversity through social, recreational, and educational programming designed to bridge the gap between diverse groups on campus. We strive to support the recruitment and retention of qualified students and to provide opportunities to foster their success and happiness.

SAIL: Student Association for International Learning  

Mission: The governmental purpose of SAIL is for the promotion, financing and coordination of campus wide and committee oriented activities to increase international awareness together with the international office. Those groups that are participating in the umbrella group of SAIL are those with an international relevance.

SHAG: Sexual Health Awareness Group

Mission: SHAG looks to promote sexual health awareness among the members of the W&L community, provide an open forum for comments and concerns about sexual culture on campus, assist in efforts by the administration to improve sexual health and relations on campus, encourage healthy intergender interactions, create a monolithic and unwavering voice for sexual expression, and empower the Washington and Lee community to explore their experiences with love and sex by providing comprehensive programming addressing a wide range of issues relating to sex, relationships, dating, sexual health, and sexuality through SHAG's conclusive event, Sex Week.


Mission: SPEAK's mission is to bring awareness to the occurrence of sexual misconduct in colleges around the country and prevent further incidents in the W&L and Rockbridge communities. We promote events that bring students of all race, gender, sexuality, Greek affiliation, and background together with the goal of promoting healthy sexual practices and provide the student body with the knowledge and materials to prevent risky or unwanted sexual behavior.

WITS: Women in Technology and Science

Mission: WITS combats the societal idea that only boys should be pushed to excel in math and science. Our mission is to encourage young women to pursue science and technology by giving girls from local middle and elementary schools an opportunity to perform science experiments from all disciplines during the school year. WITS provides the women of Washington and Lee an outlet to become involved in the community in a valuable and meaningful way. WITS officers are more than teachers; they are role models.

Model United Nations

Mission: Model UN aims to empower Washington and Lee students through international education and participation in international relations competitions at the intercollegiate level and to promote awareness of global issues for members of the W&L and greater Rockbridge communities.

Law Student Groups

BLSA: The Black Law Student Association

Mission: The Black Law Student Association narrowly aims to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Black law students, foster and encourage professional competence, focus upon the relationship of the Black law student and the Black attorney to the American legal structures while generally establishing a climate of tolerance and acceptance of diversity and providing a support system for minority students at Washington and Lee University School of Law. 


Mission: to promote a sense of community among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex law students and to educate the W&L School of Law, University, and Lexington communities about the legal issues facing LGBTI individuals.

Pro Bono Board

Mission: Pro Bono Board focuses on providing direct community service opportunities to law students throughout the school year. We focus on benefitting the Lexington/Rockbridge community and building community connections with law school students. We create a positive relationship with the local community and find ways for law students to feel connected with the Lexington area.

WLSO: Women Law Students Organization 

Mission: An organization that promotes a non-sexist atmosphere and provides a forum of discussion for issues that interest, concern and affect women, WLSO is dedicated to advocating for the success of women in the law, and to bringing an awareness of women's issues to the W&L Law School community.