Instructions for Grading Online - Summer 2020

Faculty Grading in Self-Service - Summer 2020
Firm deadline – 12:00 noon, Monday, August 17, 2020
Grading Window is open on Tuesday, Aug. 11 until 12 noon on Mon., Aug. 17

1. Access the online grading screens.
Log into Self-Service ( using your W&L network username (all lower case) and password (case sensitive) and, in the Faculty group, click on your section for the current term.

2. Choose the Grading tab and click Final Grade

3. Your Final Grading Roster will open and you enter your grades using the drop-down box.

  • Note: There is no ‘submit’ or ‘confirm’ button. As soon as you enter a grade, it is updated.
  • Ignore the ‘Last Date of Attendance’ and ‘Expiration Date’ columns

4. Grade confirmation.
    Very Important: When you have completed grading, please check the ‘Overview’ page for each of your grade rosters and check to see that all individual grades are listed on the roster. Visually confirming that every grade has been posted is a good idea.

Logout. For safety, be sure to logout of Self-Service. Do not just close the browser window.    

Faculty Grading Policies
Special instructions for W&L Summer Work: Many summer internship classes require additional work in the fall term. You may submit a ‘WIP’ (work-in-progress) grade if additional work is a standard part of the internship grading (e.g., turning in a paper or journal, making a presentation) Any ‘WIPs’ for summer work should be completed by the end of fall term (or winter/spring if the student is abroad in the fall). Grade change requests are submitted using the Grade Change Request link.

Work-in-Progress (WIP) grades: Grades for summer internships may be based either on work done to date or on a WIP (work-in-progress) if additional work is required as part of the standard description of the course.
Incomplete grades: "I (Incomplete) signifies that, due to some cause beyond the student's reasonable control (e.g., illness, injury, incapacitation), the work of the course has not been completed or the final examination has been deferred. The decision to grant an Incomplete should be made no sooner than the last three weeks of the term when it is clear the work of the course cannot be completed.” It should not be used to provide extra time or other advantage to one student which is not afforded to all members of a course.

Grades of Incomplete assigned for summer term will be DUE no later than FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2020, unless extended in writing by the student, whether or not they are enrolled currently.  If unchanged by the instructor, the "I' grade automatically becomes an F.  For any extension, the student must obtain approval from the responsible faculty member on an Incomplete Extension form and submit the form to the University Registrar's Office before the September 11 deadline.  All "I" grades remaining at the end of the fall term will automatically become F grades. Faculty submit the new grade using the Grade Change Request link or from Self-Service on the left under Academics (mortar board icon).

Failing (F) Grade: When grades of F are assigned, if desired, enter one of the following codes representing your best judgment of the reasons for the unsatisfactory work.
F2   Excessive absences or never came to class
F4   Neglect of course requirements
F5   Deficiencies in the writing of English
F6   Failure on tests, the examination, or both
F8   Neglect of laboratory work

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory: S/U grades are for only those courses approved in advance for that grading option.

Pass/Fail: P/F grades are for approved courses only.

Changing a Grade: Use the Self-Service ‘Grade Change Request’ link. You cannot change a grade on the Self-Service grade roster once the grading deadline has passed.

‘Never Attended’ Check Box: Ignore! Do not use.

‘Last Date of Attendance’ and ‘Expiration Date’ columns – Ignore! Do not enter any dates in these fields.

Registration discrepancies:

Student not listed on your roster: If a student attended your class but is not listed on the roster, you may send a grade to We can only accept this information from your Outlook ( email address – not a personal email address.

Student listed on your roster who never attended your class: If a student is on your roster who you never saw in your class, you can email to requesting that we drop the student and you can tell us to assign a WP (withdrew passing) or WF (withdrew failing) grade if you wish. This policy is only available during summer and only up until grading. After the grading deadline, the student will need to petition the Faculty Executive Committee to request a late drop and revision to their transcript.

Additional Assistance?
For technical help (logging in, error messages, etc.), contact the ITS Information Desk at 540.458.4357 (HELP) or submit a ticket at

For University Registrar office help, email your question to or call the office - Kim Robinson at 540.458.8454 or Jamie Kipfer at 540.458.8455.