Welcome and Class Registration Information

University Registrar
Washington and Lee University
July 24, 2020

Welcome to W&L…

… from all of us in the University Registrar's office. We look forward to working with you in the coming weeks, over the next four years, and as alumni.

What does the Registrar do? We maintain and protect your W&L student record, certify your enrollment and grades, track your requirements for graduation, and help you with class registration. That's what you want to know about, eh? -- how to register for fall classes? Read on…

Class Registration

W&L's First-Years (FYs) register for fall classes during Orientation Week. In early August, you will learn the mechanics of registration, meet with your faculty adviser, and register for your fall courses. You don't have to learn how to register and pick classes yet this summer. Besides, we're still trying to figure out the details in this most unusual of summers. The course offering list should be available about August 3 so you can see all of the great classes W&L has to offer this fall.

Summer Correspondence

We'll send you emails at your W&L email address during the coming weeks, to let you know more about how to check your incoming credits, matriculate (check in), and eventually register for classes.

Be sure to check your Outlook "Spam" and "Clutter" folders so you don't miss anything.  

Now is the Time!

¨ If you haven't done it already, have your official Advanced Placement (AP) scores sent directly to W&L. We do not accept student copies or the unofficial postings on the high school transcript. See information at go.wlu.edu/AP.

¨ Do you have International Baccalaureate credit? Have you authorized IB to report your results to W&L in July? See the information at go.wlu.edu/IB.

¨ Did you complete college-level work either during high school or this summer? Use the website at go.wlu.edu/transferUS to provide information on your collegiate institution(s) and course(s) directly to the appropriate W&L department head. This form, official transcripts from the other college, and each course's syllabus must be received by August 1 in order for us to get the information into your record prior to registration.

¨ Explore the academic catalog at catalog.wlu.edu. It's the 'golden source' for course descriptions and requirements for majors and minors, as well as the faculty's requirements for graduation and numerous W&L policies and procedures with which you should be familiar.

¨ Still want more? Explore registrar.wlu.edu and the New Students tab for many more links to resources about the academic program, including Foundation and Distribution Requirements ("FDRs", the basic graduation requirements) and other policies and advice.

Stay Informed!

Feel free to email us anytime at registrar@wlu.edu and be sure to read email from us through the year from your W&L account. We post deadlines and info on our website and Campus Notices that can come directly to your email, and you can follow our office Facebook and Twitter accounts, where we post changes to registration and reminders about various deadlines during the year.

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