Using placeholder courses on your plan Students can use FDR placeholder or major subject elective courses on their course plans for future terms

Using Placeholder Courses in your Plan

Placeholder courses are available in the 'Course Catalog' which can be used to designate when you want to take a particular subject or FDR requirement, without choosing the exact course. For example, you may want to indicate that you want to take your FDR-HL literature course in spring term, so you'd search on 'FDR-HL' and find this 'course' to add to your plan in the appropriate term.

Search the 'Course Catalog' for FDR-HL (or other FDR code) and add that course to your plan:

Search the 'Course Catalog' for History elective (or other subject placeholder course) and add that course to your plan:

View these planned placeholder courses in your 'Timeline' and 'Plan & Schedule' views: