Searching for Open Sections with the Availability Filter

Student Planning doesn't offer an easy way to look for open sections during initial registration for a term.  When individual class years are registering, the 'Availability' filter is not active.

After initial class year registration and during drop/add, 'open' sections can be searched within the 'Availability' filter.  Take these steps to find open sections:

1. Go to the Self-Service course catalog
2. In the top right 'Search for courses...' box, click enter and it will quickly load all active courses
3. Choose these two filters - pick the current term and click the 'Availability' box and pick 'Open Sections'

This lists all courses that have sections with available seats for the term.  You can narrow your search even more by choosing AFY, or an FDR of interest, or class day, etc.

For courses of interest, open the 'View Available Sections' and note how many seats are available. Add to your plan for the term, and register in the open class.

During initial registration, the best option is to scan the summary Available/Capacity/Waitlist data in the WebAdvisor 'Search for Classes' screen and scan the Status column looking for Open sections.

In Student Planning, the number of available seats is posted in the section information, but you must detail into the information to see this.  Be sure to refresh your Plan & Schedule screen often to update Available seats data.