Instructor Consent Required

For courses requiring instructor consent, you must contact the faculty member and request approval to be eligible to register in their class.

  • Instructor Consent courses are noted the Course Offering List.
  • You cannot register or waitlist into the class until consent is obtained and the faculty member gives you approval through their Self-Service page.
  • If given consent to enroll in the course, it will be noted on your Student Planning 'Petitions & Waivers' tab.
  • Please note that if the instructor is on sabbatical or a new or visiting professor cannot manage consents at a given time, the instructor on the course is listed as STAFF and the Dept. Head is also listed. The department head is not teaching the course, but is who you would contact for consent.
  • Sample error message: ARTS-111-01 - Instructor consent is required to register for ARTS-111-01.
  • NOTE: Online instructor consent does not register you into the course or change your waitlist status. You may receive instructor consent, but it does not guarantee a seat if the course closes.