Course Types and Topics use filters to look for FDRs, interdisciplinary courses, and other codes

Filters are available in Student Planning to help you narrow down searches for courses in the 'Course Catalog'.

Note: If you select more than one filter, all courses that meet either level, type, or topic, will show. So, if you want something specific, select just one filter at a time.

TERMS: To narrow down to courses that have sections for a given term, filter on the specific term.

AFY - use the COURSE LEVEL = AFY to search for courses that are 'appropriate for first-year students.'

COURSE TYPES - include courses that may meet a requirement in an interdisciplinary program such as: AFCA (Africana Studies)
EAS (East Asian Studies)
ENV (Environmental Studies)
FILM (Film & Visual Arts)
LACS (Latin American and Caribbean Studies)
MRST (Medieval and Renaissance Studies)
NEUR (Neuroscience)
POV (Poverty and Human Capability)
RAS (Russian Area Studies)
WGSS (Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)

Additional codes under COURSE TYPES include:
GL (Global Learning courses)
FS (First-year seminar courses)
DCI (Digital CUlture and Information courses)
FDRs - will show up in both TYPES and COURSE TOPICS during the transition from WebAdvisor
PERS (Perspectives courses)

COURSE TOPICS - includes Foundation and Distribution designations:
FW (Writing foundation)
FL (Language foundation)
FM (Mathematics/Computer Science foundation)
FP (Physical Education foundation)
HU (Humanities)
HA (Fine Arts)
HL (Literature)
SL (Science Laboratory)
SC (One additional science courses, with or without lab)
SS1 (approved ECON courses)
SS2 (approved POL courses)
SS3 (approved CBSC/PSYC courses)
SS4 (approved SOAN, and other misc. courses)
SS5 (approved misc. courses)