Changing Your Course Schedule Dropping and adding sections

After the initial registration window ('Pick One' and 'Pick Three') you can make registration changes in Student Planning until the end of the online drop-add period (1st week in fall and winter terms, 2 days in spring term).

It is extremely important to note if there are open seats in the section you wish to add, otherwise you can end up not being added to one section but losing your seat in a simultaneously dropped section. There is no 'Part or All' functionality that you may be familiar with in WebAdvisor registration.


If this is your schedule and you wish to drop ECON 102-04 and add ECON 102-06 you must be sure that there are open seats in ECON 102-06. If you start by clicking 'Drop' for ECON 102-04, the fact that section 06 has a waiting list (no open seats) may not be apparent.

Refresh your Plan & Schedule screen and notice the status of each section. ECON 102-06 has a waiting list with 0 seats, so you will not be able to add into it.

View which sections of ECON 102 have open seats, by using WebAdvisor 'Search for Classes'. Also, view seats available in the Section information. Refresh your Plan & Schedule screen often to refresh the Available seats data.

Caution: If you start with the drop of ECON 102-04, you can mistakenly drop that section and attempt to add to 102-06 but it will not be successful! This is live registration and actions cannot be undone. Be thoughtful in your choices.