Instructor Consent Instructions (Self-Service)

How to give Instructor Consent through Self-Service.

Instructor consent grants permission for a student to register by waiving all or part of the following:

  1. a section that is flagged as 'instructor consent required'
  2. overriding a section prerequisite (e.g. take BUS 211)
  3. overriding a section registration restriction (e.g. major restriction, class year restriction)

For example, if a course description states "Prerequisite: BIOL 111, at least sophomore standing, and instructor consent"; then this process will override all three requirements.

Note: Giving instructor consent does not register a student in a course or allow a student to register into a closed course. If a student is stopped for registering and needs instructor consent, they are also stopped from adding to that waiting list.

Once a registration term is open, an instructor can add students to this screen at any time prior to a student trying to register for the course. 

Give instructor consent in Self-Service in the Faculty module.  Click on the relevant course section.

The Instructor Consents link on the roster is where you will submit instructor consent by searching for the student name in the Instructor Consent Status search box. Enter the student name and click the search icon.

You can search on the name by typing in First Last, or Last, First or Last, First Initial or other combination (last name alone won't find the student). If the name search doesn’t bring up the name (it can be finicky), try entering the Student ID. To obtain the student ID number, login to the W&L online directory ( and search for the student name and the ID number is displayed, or ask for it from the student. Directions for obtaining the Student ID number are at the bottom of these instructions (jump here). NOTE: Some faculty have reported that the search process does not work for Macs in Firefox (only in Safari). For PCs, Microsoft Edge doesn't work for searching (use Chrome or Safari).

Click on the student name from those returned.

After selecting the student, the Add Instructor Consent window pops up.  Select a Status = INSTRUCTOR CONSENT GIVEN. Do not use any of the other statuses. Select the Reason = ONLINE APPROVAL and add Additional Comments if you wish. 

You can choose a status NO CONSENT GIVEN if you wish to communicate this to the student. Also, you can remove a consent by changing to NO CONSENT GIVEN and leaving some Comments (though registration actions up to that point cannot be rescinded, you would need to ask a student to drop the section).

You and the student can see their consent and any ‘Additional Comments’ entered. Students do not get an email notification, it is only posted in their Student Planning screen.

If you need to search for the Student ID number

You can ask for the Student ID in your correspondence with the student, or open another browser window and Log In to the W&L online directory (at, search for the student and find the ID# there. Enter this ID number in the Self-Service Student lookup box.