Advisers Can View Advisee Registration Notifications

The Self-Service Advisee Details page allows advisers to view 'notifications' posted for each of their advisees. Notifications are placed on a student's record by many offices and processes. For example, the Business Office can place a registration hold on a student's account and the notification message would inform students that they have a hold and must take care of it prior to registration by contacting the Business Office.

Other notifications include adviser authorizations for registration or 'soft holds' such as a Heath Center hold that allows registration this term, but will stop registration next term.

By viewing advisee notifications, advisers can encourage their advisees to take care of the hold well in advance of registration. Advisers are not entitled to details about a hold and administrative offices will not release additional information about a hold to an adviser. It is the student's responsibility to contact the administrative office noted in the notification and to clear their hold.

Advisers can view these notifications in the Advisee Details screen by clicking on the red number in the Notifications bar.