University Chapel – A Study in Architecture

While on site, students will learn about the University Chapel's history and architecture through our tour and museum activity. Together the two will cover; the importance of investigating a place's history, basic steps to assembling a building using basic math concepts and why preservation is important. Using a scavenger hunt, students will look for key architectural features from both the interior and exterior of the Chapel.

While the program is more geared towards architecture, students will still have time to look around our museum level. On view are some of Robert E. Lee's tools and drawings from when he was an engineer. Engineers can play a crucial role in the design of a building and often work alongside architects.

Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
English: English: 4.1, Intro 4.4, Intro 4.5.  English: 5.1, Intro 5.5, Intro 5.6.  English: 6.1, Intro 6.5. English:  Intro 7.1, 7.2, Intro 7.5. 
Science: 4.7.   Science: Intro 6.8. 
History and Social Science: Intro VS.8a.  History and Social Science: Intro USI.9d. History and Social Science: Intro USII.3c. History and Social Science: Intro CE.4a, b, c, d, e, f, g. 
  Art: Indro 5.12, Intro 5.14. Art: Intro 6.9, Intro 6.11. Art: Intro 7.13, Intro 7.16.
Math: Intro 4.4, Intro 4.7.  Math: Intro 5.8.  Math: Intro 6.9.  

Find more information on the SOLs covered during this tour.   

Teachers may also download pre- and post-visit activities do to in conjunction with their field study. If your class can not schedule a visit with us, the University Chapel has provided a full lesson that can be conducted in the classroom.   

Pre-visit Activities Post-visit Activities Full lesson