Lee as President of Washington College

During their visit, students will learn about Robert E. Lee's life after the Civil War. After the war, Lee came to Lexington, Virginia, to become Washington College's 11th president. A school that was once saved from financial ruin by George Washington, was again in need of help. Students will learn how under Lee's presidency, the school introduced an entirely new educational concept - a system of majors and electives - to the school's curriculum, the honor system, and the construction of the college's chapel to advance a suffering school.

The visit is split into two parts. During the first portion of their visit, students will join a guided tour of the auditorium and statue chamber. On the lower level, students will participate in a STEAM-themed scavenger hunt.  

Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
English: 4.1, Intro 4.4, Intro 4.5. English: 5.1, Intro 5.5, Intro 5.6. English: 6.1, Intro 6.5. English: Intro 7.1, 7.2, Intro 7.5.
Science: Intro 4.2, 4.7. Science: Intro 5.3. Science: Intro 6.8.
History and Social Science: Intro VS.7b, Intro VS.8a. History and Social Science: Intro USI.9a, Intro USI. 9d. History and Social Science: Intro USII.3c History and Social Science: Intro CE.3d, Intro CE.4 a, b, c, d, e, f, g.  

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Teachers may also download pre- and post-visit activities do to in conjunction with their field study. If your class can not schedule a visit with us, the University Chapel has provided a full lesson that can be conducted in the classroom.   

Pre-visit Activities Post-visit Activities Full lesson