2020 Internship Program Students

Danesh Badlani, Algolia

Danesh Badlani '22, a rising junior from Karachi, Pakistan, will be interning at Algolia in New York City this summer. Aloglia is a search-as-a-service platform that enables companies of all sizes to deliver fast and relevant digital experiences that drive real results. With Algolia, consumers can easily find and discover what they want across web, mobile, and voice. Danesh, a computer science and mathematics major as well as a member of the Connolly Entrepreneurship Society, will be working cross-functionally to support the revenue team. He is looking forward to learning highly technical concepts about API products, including UI libraries and platform integrations. 

Lauren Davis, Oneclick.chat

Lauren Davis ’21, a rising senior from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, will be interning at Oneclick.chat in Philadelphia this summer. OneClick.chat is an entirely online video conferencing company focusing on ease of use. In order to join a conference all that is necessary is One Click. Davis, a business administration major and German minor will work with the team at Oneclick and an outside PR firm to develop marketing plans and take over Oneclick's social media platforms. She looks to develop her marketing experience from last summer with NBC Sports, and develop new social media marketing skills, an aspect she was unable to gain last summer.

Jacob Flood, Leaf & Grain

Jacob Flood ’21 is a rising senior from Arlington, Texas interning as a summer business analyst at Leaf & Grain in Houston during the summer of 2020. Leaf & Grain is a fast-casual salad and grain bowl concept company focusing on providing high-quality food that is both healthy and delicious. Deets Hoffman ‘10 founded the company in 2016 and has since been joined in owning and operating by two additional W&L alumni. Recently, Leaf and Grain has been in the process of expanding to additional locations in the Houston area. Jacob will help to further Leaf and Grain’s expansion and development by working on the research side of the business, analyzing current operations, and developing new strategies for optimization. Jacob is an Economics major and Computer Science minor and is excited to get started this summer.

George Folline, Leaf & Grain

George Folline ‘21, a rising senior from Columbia, South Carolina will be interning at Leaf & Grain in Houston, Texas this summer. Leaf & Grain is a fast-casual restaurant startup that focuses on selling salads and other healthy alternatives. Deets Hoffman (W&L '10) founded Leaf & Grain in 2016 and has provided many Washington and Lee students with internship and employment opportunities. George, a Business Administration and Spanish major, will be working as an internal consultant, performing readouts, and providing analysis directly to the president and vice president of strategy.

Olivia Jones, NIVELO

Olivia Jones '22, a rising junior from Charlottesville, Virginia will be interning at NIVELO in New York City this summer. NIVELO, established by a W&L alumna, is developing a novel financial technology service for providers of payroll outsourcing. Their services use blockchain technology to enhance the security of payments. Olivia, an economics major and entrepreneurship and data science double minor, will work with the NIVELO team to help with market research, customer outreach, product design, and data analysis. She is looking forward to combining her interests in finance and entrepreneurship this summer in New York.

Mitchell Roberts, KCRise Fund

Mitchell Roberts ‘21, a rising senior originally from Kansas City, MO, now living outside of Baltimore, MD, will be returning to Kansas City this summer to intern at KCRise Fund. KCRise Fund is a venture capital firm investing in Seed & Series A stage technology companies in Kansas & the western half of Missouri, working towards the goal of realizing the potential of the Kansas City region through bringing talent and a larger share of the venture capital dollars in the United States back to the area. KCRise Fund connects early-stage entrepreneurs with seasoned venture capital investors. Roberts, an economics and integrated engineering with computer science major, will work on projects aimed at optimizing the process of matching entrepreneurs with investors and making introductions, attend pitch meetings and investor meetings, and work with portfolio companies as they navigate growth strategies. He is excited to learn the venture capital process through hands-on experience.

Riwaj Shrestha, Inorins Technologies

Riwaj Shrestha ’22, a rising junior from Kathmandu, Nepal will be interning at Inorins Technologies in Kathmandu this summer. Inorins Technologies is a start-up software company aiming to provide IT solutions for enterprise sectors in Nepal. As their first endeavor, they are developing an integrated core banking system named Banquier to fulfill the needs of BFIs in Nepal. Riwaj, an Engineering Major and a Computer Science minor will work with the Inorins Technologies team shadowing various Dev-ops engineers and will work on both front end and back end programming, using JAVA and PL/SQL, respectively. He looks forward to learning the basic working of the Financial and Banking markets, all while grasping the overall system lifecycle of an IT company.

Serena Teng, Girls Who Invest, Oaktree Capital Management

Xing (Serena) Teng ’22, a rising junior double majoring in economics and mathematics from Atlanta, Georgia is an incoming Girls Who Invest Summer Intensive Scholar and intern at Oaktree Capital Management in Los Angeles this summer. Girls Who Invest is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to increasing the number of women in portfolio management and executive leadership in asset management. The program's goal is "30 by 30"-30% of the world's investable capital managed by women by 2030. As a selected participant in the 10-week program, Serena will be initially immersed in a 4-week investment training curriculum taught by world-class business professors and for the remaining six weeks, intern on the U.S. Senior Loans team at Oaktree Capital Management, a global asset management firm that specializes in alternative investments with over $120 billion assets under management. Serena looks forward to applying the knowledge and skills she will gain from the educational portion of the program to ultimately evaluate and recommend senior loan investment opportunities in the primary markets.

Reilly Thornbury, The Shark Group

Reilly Thornbury ’21, a rising senior from Madison, Connecticut will be interning at The Shark Group in New York City this summer. Due to COVID-19, Thornbury's internship will be conducted remotely until social distancing restrictions are lifted in New York City. The Shark Group, found by award-winning entrepreneur and Shark Tank star Daymond John, is a marketing and advertising conglomerate focusing on aggressively growing businesses. Under leadership from W&L alum Ted Kingsbery, The Shark Group continues to develop and expand its leading role in Corporate Consulting, Entrepreneur Consulting, Live Entertainment, and Talent Management divisions. Thornbury, a Global Politics major & Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies minor, will work with The Shark Group to develop non-traditional and innovative approaches to business development for clients ranging from Johnson and Johnson to The White House to Bombas. Thornbury is looking forward to learning cutting-edge business development strategies with such a prestigious company.

Bridget Washington, Mercury Fund

Bridget Washington ’21, a rising senior from Canton, Ohio, will be interning in Houston, Texas as a summer analyst at Mercury Fund Venture Capital and Private Equity this summer. Mercury Fund is an early-stage venture capital firm that leverages its network of midcontinent startup development organizations to give entrepreneurs the resources and tools they need to rapidly grow. Mercury invests in Series A financing for entrepreneurs who have demonstrated product-market fit and are prepared to scale their software business. Bridget, A Business Administration major, will work with Mercury's team on growth opportunities for their portfolio companies. As an intern, she will also be able to attend weekly pitch competitions, demo nights, and think tanks. She looks forward to an eye-opening summer, having the opportunity to be surrounded by experienced entrepreneurs and learning more about the venture capital world.