For a writing consultation, each student or group member should have access to a hard or electronic copy of the work in progress (draft, outline, notes, etc).  Bring a separate hard copy for the consultant, along with the assignment.  You and the consultant will read and discuss the draft together, addressing its strengths and weaknesses.

Sessions are scheduled in 30-minute blocks and vary in nature depending on your needs and the kind of  project you are working on.  Sessions may address:

  • Planning/outlining
  • Thesis and purpose
  • Organization
  • Logical flow
  • Support for and development of ideas
  • Documentation and citations
  • Audience awareness
  • Format
  • Grammar and mechanics

Your instructor will receive an emailed, non-evaluative report from the consultant summarizing the session.    Consultants do not supply wording or content, guarantee better grades, or serve as a "last minute fix-it shop."  The CommCenter is not a proofreading or editing service.