Class of 2020

Addison Cilmi - Major: Economics

Garrett Clinton - Major: Political Science

Liam Delehanty - Major: Business Administration

Jesse Evans - Major: Business Administration

EC Myers - Major: Business Administration and Environmental Studies

Shelley Patrick - Major: Accounting

Sam Pumphrey - Major: Public Accounting and American Politics

Griffin Scott - Major: Business Administration, Minor: Computer Science

Harry Shepherd - Major: Economics, Minor: Computer Science

Max Weis ’2020 - Major: Business Administration, Minor: German

Class of 2021

Lauren Davis - Major: Business Administration

Bridget Washington - Major: Business Administration, Minor: Digital Culture and Information

George Folline - Major: Business Administration and Spanish

Griffin Noe - Major: Computer Science and Business Administratio

Hanh Doan - Major: Accounting and Mathematics

Killian Green - Major: Biology and Business Administration, Minor: German

Navid Haider - Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Sociology

Jack Jones - Major: Business Administration

Billy Linthicum - Major: Accounting, Minor: Digital Culture and Information

Yosef Medhin - Major: Business Administration

Mitchell Roberts Major: Integrated Engineering with Computer Science, Minor: Economics

Class of 2022

Paige Anderson - Major: Business Administration, Minor: Music

Danesh Badlani - Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

Ian Bodenheimer - Major: Business Administration and Politics

Tess Collard - Major: Business Administration and Film Studies

Ruth Dibble ­­- Major: Economics, Minor: Studio Art and Entrepreneurship

Griffin Donaldson - Major: Business and English

Alex Fedor - Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

Lilly Gillespie - Major: Politics and Romance Languages

Marshall Jones - Major: Business Administration

McKenzie Naiper - Major: Economics, Minor: Mathematics and French

Whit Rudder - Major: Business Administration

Mary Margaret Grassell - Major: Business Administration

Olivia Jones - Major: Economics, Minor: Entrepreneurship

Lillian Patrick - Major: Strategic Communications and Entrepreneurship

Riwaj Shrestha - Major: Engineering

Janie Stillwell - Major: US History (Intended), Minor: Entrepreneurship (Intended)

Haochen Tu - Major: Business Administration, Minor: Computer Science

Class of 2023

Blake Cilmi - Major: Undeclared

Ian Davis - Major: Business Administration and Cognitive and Behavioral Science

Hayley Huber - Major: Undeclared

Owen Malcolm - Major: Business Administration (intended)

John Mills - Major: Undecided

Jonah Sohn - Major: Undecided

Sean Whaysman - Major: Business Administration and Computer Science, Minor: Russian