Internship Proposal Complete the prompts below on a Word document to upload with the application.

Logistical Details


Detail travel arrangements including international and intra-country travel.

Housing Details

Detail housing accommodations, including who will be the contact person for housing.

Anticipated Budget

The Shepherd International Internship Programs provide accepted students with up to $3,000.00 towards the cost of the internship. When the costs exceed $3,000 our staff directs students to other campus-based grants or the student may choose to bear the excess cost.

Lodging for approximately 56 days
Meals for approximately 56 days
In-country travel (expected bus fees, etc.)
Program fee (e.g. fee for program development and on-site contact person) 
Other expenses

Contact Person(s)

Indicate the contact person the student and Shepherd program staff should contact during the summer. This person should be near-by to assist the student with non-emergency questions as well as serve as an in-country emergency contact.

Name, Email, Telephone, Skypename (if available)

Internship Details

In order to provide a mutually beneficial experience, it is important to plan and gather detailed information about the internship experience. The student and agency supervisor should meet prior to discuss specifics prior to the start date. If a personal meeting is not feasible, a telephone or Skype call should be arranged.

Demographic Info

Agency Name; Address; Phone Number; Mission Statement; Supervisor/Mentor contact information (Name & Title, Email, Tel:)

Project & Assignments

What will the intern do during his/her time at the organization? Are there specific projects the intern to accomplish? What daily tasks can the intern do that will allow them to build relationships with community members (clients) and also complete tasks that support the organization.


What steps will be taken to orient the intern to both the community and organization. 


Describe the typical work hours (days of week & hours per day) the intern should report to the internship.

Are there holidays that occur during between June - August when your agency closes? Please list.