Teacher-Scholar Development Cohorts 2018-19 Cohorts

The College announces 21 Faculty Teacher-Scholar Development Cohorts for 2018-19.

Total funding:  $66,125, with an average funding level of $3,148

In terms of implementing the College's Strategic Plan, the funding for Cohorts supports interdisciplinarity (12), Futures of STEM Pedagogy (2), Engaged W&L (4), Say AH! For the Arts and Humanities (3).

Active Learning in STEM
Sarah Blythe

Fostering a community of STEM faculty interested in active pedagogies and W&L.  The goals of Active Learning will be fourfold:  reading literature on active learning in STEM classes; cultivating a culture of discussion of implementation strategies; analyzing implementation attempts to make them work better and fostering deeper understanding of teaching approaches.

Arch Tech:  Archaeology and Technology Cohort
Michael Laughy

Center for Poetic Research (CPR) - A creative writing cohort
Seth Michelson

The CPR cohort would work to devise ways to help the campus community to integrate the literary arts even more fully into students' lives and studies by helping faculty to realize opportunities to bring poetry, pets and poetics into their classrooms.

Community-Engaged Learning
Stephanie Sandberg

This cohort brings together faculty, staff and community partners to learn together from visiting experts in community-engaged learning and to imagine together, new possibilities for service-learning and community-based research courses at W&L. 

Data Science and W&L
Natalia Toporikova

The Data Science cohort will identify future educational needs for data science at W&L across the College and Williams School.

Digital Humanities Pedagogy
Sara Sprenkle

Pedagogy-focused cohort to encourage integrating DH tools and methodologies into courses.  Workshops, receptions and guest speakers.

Digital Pre-Professional Pedagogy
Mark Coddington

A cohort dedicated to discussing and developing new and innovative ways to incorporate digital technologies into teaching in pre-professional programs.

Exploring NCFDD Strategies for Productivity & Work-life Balance
Kacie D'Alessandro

Inclusive Library Faculty
Mary Abdoney

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Multimedia Storytelling
Toni Locy

This cohort fosters a dialogue among faculty that explores interdisciplinary approaches to multimedia storytelling.

Italian Studies
Steve McCormick

This cohort aims first and foremost to bring together faculty from across disciplines with a focus on Italy to discuss research trends and share scholarship in Italian politics, history, medieval and renaissance studies, art, music and literature.

Mathematics Research Seminar
Aaron Abrams

This seminar promotes a high-level research oriented dialogue among the mathematics faculty.

MRST Works in Progress  
Holly Pickett                   

Neuroscience Research
Fiona Watson

Prison Studies:  Teaching, Research and Outreach
Sascha Goluboff

Race, Class and Gender at W&L
Melina Bell

Sociology-Anthropology Research Workshop
Lynn Chin

Promoting faculty research; reinforcing intradepartmental relationships, communication and understanding; and promoting learning new research and networking with colleagues at other universities.

WLU Means "World Languages for You"
Dick Kuettner and Janet Ikeda

Women in Math and Science (WIMS)
Elizabeth Denne

The WIMS cohort will develop new and explore existing pedagogies that will encourage women and minorities to fully participate in science and math courses along with fostering supportive relationships among women ain different fields of science and math.

Writing-Intensive Pedogogy
Genelle Gertz