Support the College

The College, like all things that are full of life, is always growing and changing. Like the University at large, the College aspires to attract the finest students and faculty members; to provide a rich, exciting, and cutting-edge curriculum; to support the success of all students, staff, and faculty; and to furnish the best environments for learning.

Those aspirations are well represented in the priorities of the upcoming capital campaign, and include further growth of the innovative First-Year Seminar Program, providing additional support for student and faculty research and scholarship, and enhancing our interdisciplinary and international academic opportunities.

The College would welcome your support for these important initiatives. Both Nancy McIntyre, the Director of Development for the College, and I would be happy to speak to you about supporting the College. You may of course also have close ties to faculty in your major department and others on campus-all of whom would be more than willing to hear from you.

Suzanne Keen
Dean of the College