W&L's Commitment Washington and Lee University Environmental Policy Statement

Washington and Lee University is committed to being at the forefront of academic institutions:

  • in minimizing, as feasible, the adverse environmental, health and safety impacts of our facilities, activities and operations to protect human health and the environment;
  • in achieving and maintaining compliance with federal, state and local environmental, health and safety laws and good practices in all of our departments, laboratories, facilities and operations;
  • in achieving a high standard of institutional accountability for environmental, health and safety stewardship;
  • in providing educational opportunities to our students and other members of our community, to reinforce the values exemplified in this policy and influence their activities during and after their tenure at Washington and Lee University;
  • in fostering openness and dialogue with the university community and the local community, anticipating and responding to their concerns about potential hazards and impacts of operations, services, or wastes;
  • in identifying and taking advantage of pollution prevention opportunities, to reduce waste and the consumption of resources (materials, fuel, and energy), and to facilitate recovery and recycling, as opposed to disposal, where economically and practically feasible.
  • in measuring and continuously improving our environmental, health and safety performance.
Sustainability Commitments

The university has pledged to develop a plan to achieve climate neutrality, integrate the principles of sustainability into the curriculum and to exercise leadership in sustainability through actions and education.


Washington and Lee University is committed to excellence in environmental, health and safety stewardship on our campus and in the larger community of which we are a part.

Sustainability Reports

These sustainability reports allow campus community members, alumni and prospective students and donors to know what is happening on campus and help highlight opportunities for actions that will make the university more sustainable.