Blue Bike Program

The Blue Bike program at Washington and Lee is designed to provide a convenient way to get around the campus and Lexington. The use of bicycles instead of motor vehicles results in cleaner air and better health, less traffic and more open parking spaces, less oil consumed and fewer greenhouse gases emitted. Students, faculty and staff may participate in both the Free Bike and Long Term Blue Bike Program by registering online or in person at Leyburn Library.


All University owned diesel powered vehicles and mobile equipment are fueled with biodiesel made in Virginia from soybeans grown in the state. There are many advantages to using biodiesel.  The carbon dioxide released is not coming from the sequestered carbon in oil but from soybean plants, a renewable carbon source. Fewer toxic air pollutants are produced and it also prolongs the life of engines. FALL 2013 UPDATE - The only regional source of small quantities of blended biodiesel ended their marketing of biodiesel.  Alternatives are being considered including a biodiesel purchasing coop, use of a dedicated fuel truck, converting waste vegetable oil (WVO) to biodiesel for blending and installing WVO dual fuel systems in vehicles.

Electric Vehicles

The Facilities Management and ITS Departments as well as the Campus Mail Service are now using electric vehicles.  The vehicles are quiet and compact and have no exhaust smell so they are great for on campus use. Even though they are not zero emission vehicles when pollution from electric generation is factored in, they are more energy efficient and produce less greenhouse gases than gas fueled vehicles.


Traveller is a student run organization that provides a safe ride home program for W&L students in the evening. This form of mass transit saves energy and reduces traffic.

Maury Express

The Maury Express provides public transit service in Rockbridge County. The fare is 50 cents but W&L and V.M.I. cadets ride free upon presentation of a valid student ID card.  With advance notice, ADA-certified riders may request a route deviation for either a pickup or drop-off up to 3⁄4 of a mile from the scheduled route.

Pedestrian & Bicycling Information

Information on campus trails including Wood Creek Trail, the cross country course and frisbee golf course as well as local and regional walking and hiking trails.  Rockbridge Biking Trails lists some local biking trails.

More Transportation Resources 

Information on University, local and regional motorized transportation alternatives