Techno Trash

Techno Trash is a name for all of the common electronic equipment and peripherals that are endemic to the 'digital age'. There are a lot of valuable (and sometimes toxic) materials in Techno Trash so it is important to reuse and recycle these items instead of throwing them in the trash. The W&L Facilities Management Department's Techno Trash recycling is for the use of students and for University used devices. Any useable equipment should be marked on the bottom or back with "OK" or a green dot. University-owned equipment that is useable or has a W&L property tag should be turned in to Auxiliary Services. All University owned computers, peripherals and monitors should be turned into I.T.S. Please email if you have questions about how to recycle your Techno Trash, need a pick up of large volumes of
T. Trash or if a T. Trash bin is full.

A great deal of the Techno Trash collected on campus is given to Goodwill Industries, a non- profit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities and disadvantages overcome barriers to employment. They are partners with Dell's Reconnect program for recycling computer system components.

The following is a list of items that may be recycled in the Techno Trash bins on campus:

  • Batteries (in plastic bag please)
  • CDs, DVDs & crystal cases
  • Cell phones & chargers
  • Computers & peripherals (mice, keyboards, speakers, cables)
  • Computer monitors
  • Eyeglasses & frames
  • Pagers & pdas
  • Printer cartridges ( in plastic bag please)
  • Projector lamps 

Locations for recycling personal Techno Trash can be found here.