Recycling Bin Request

University Facilities is responsible for physical upkeep of the entire campus. Their web-based Work Order Request system handles everything from repairing leaky faucets, to making new keys and even recycling. There are three types of bins that you can request for personal and special events use. You may also request that a shared recycling bin be cleaned or emptied.

First, determine what you need. Second, fill out the online Work Order Request from the University Facilities website. Don't worry, you won't be billed!

Personal Recycling Bin

Personal Desk-Side Recycling Bin

(12" x 11" x 8") for collecting mixed paper in faculty and staff offices. Individuals are responsible for emptyiing their own deskside cans into collection cans that are located in building hallways.

Personal Recycling Bin

Personal Crate

(20" x 24" x 13") for collecting various recyclable materials in dorm rooms. Individuals are responsible for taking the materials to an on campus recycling station. Please ask your Resident Adviser to place one request for all the hall residents that want a crate at the beginning of the year. Individuals are responsible for leaving the crate (clean please) in their room when they leave at the end of the school year.

Personal Recycling Bin

Large Hexagonal Containers

Facilities Management will try to fulfill all requests for recycling services at special events, both indooors and outdoors, where there are no recycling containers. Collection of food waste and greenware may also be requested. Please be specific about the materials that you would like recycled (aluminum, plastic, glass, food, greenware, etc).