Food "waste" is collected from Dining Services kitchens and some housing facilities on campus by the Compost Crew, students who are paid to collect the compostables during the school year, and taken to the compost system located at the Campus Garden. Food "waste" includes prep food, table scraps, and uneaten food that is not given to Campus Kitchen. 'Greenware'--plates, cups, cutlery, straws and stirrers and clamshell food containers made from corn and potato starch or sugar cane fiber--as well as paper napkins are also collected and composted.

Leaves and other carbon-rich organic materials that are collected from the campus by the University Facilities Management Grounds Crew are added to the compost system as well. These additions aerate the contents of the pile to speed the composting process. Once the compost is finished, it is used on the Campus Garden to grow produce for Dining Services and Campus Kitchen.

This recycling process--collecting food waste, making compost, and growing food--closes the circle and is a step toward campus sustainability.