Campus Initiatives

Blue Bikes

The Blue Bike program at Washington and Lee is designed to provide a convenient way to get around the campus and Lexington. The use of bicycles instead of motor vehicles results in cleaner air and better health, less traffic and more open parking spaces, less oil consumed and fewer greenhouse gases emitted.

Dining Services

We are committed to sustainable dining practices and leverage our EcoSteps™ program to guide us in this effort.

Energy Education

From partnering with students for great energy management in the Residence Halls to collaborating with University Facilities to optimize operations, the Energy Education Program works with all members of the campus community to eliminate energy waste. Energy reduction is key to reaching our campus carbon neutrality goal, but so is ensuring that remaining campus energy use is as clean and efficient as possible. The Energy Program works closely with campus partners to develop clean energy and green building design opportunities.

University Facilities Initiatives

Washington and Lee is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and achieving carbon neutrality as outlined in the 2010 Climate Action Plan and as demonstrated in the "Five for Five" program.