Women's Leadership Summit

Participation in the Summit provides women the opportunity to spend some time off-campus and explore leadership on a personalized level while beginning to feel more confident in their story. Along with an exciting theme, we always host an engaging keynote speaker as well as alumnae facilitators and panelists from various backgrounds.

History of the Summit

The first annual Women’s Leadership Summit was in 2009 with the intention of creating a forum where our women students (undergraduate and law) would explore the history and culture of women’s leadership, participate in leadership skill-building exercises, and make connections with female faculty, staff, and members of the Board of Trustees.  

Over the years, the Summit has grown to include 90+ undergraduates in addition to the summit facilitators.  Every year we engage a handful of alumnae that are eager to share powerful stories and elements of their experience that align with what our current female students are interested in discussing.  The overall message is often about the importance of women supporting and appreciating all levels of women in leadership.

As one might assume, expected outcomes change slightly depending on the year; however, the Summit continues to provide a foundation for discussion to continue about the culture of women’s leadership on our campus - while also creating a network of Washington and Lee women that are passionate about their personal leadership development.