Senior Success

Senior year is a year of discovery....

It's about making memories, but also preparation. Use the graphic below to discover just some of the many options that await you this year. Find the corresponding "Question #" and follow to the answer below.

Apply for Fellowships and Grants Pursue a Post-Grad Track

Start the Job Search Help! I Don't Know!

I Want To Apply For Fellowships & Grants

Q1: What is a fellowship/grant?

  • Fellowships and grants are opportunities that provide students with funding for study, research, internships, independent projects, or certain programs.
  • They reward academic achievement, leadership, character, service, or other characteristics - depending on the particular fellowship.
  • They support a wide range of interests - from public policy to arts, from foreign language to sciences, and more!
  • They're basically free money! And who doesn't want that?  

Q2: Can you give me some examples?

Q3: Where do I find fellowship/grant opportunities? 

I Want To Pursue A Post-Grad Track

Q4: How do I know if grad school is right for me?

Q5: How should I prepare for med school? 

  • Review the timetable for pre-med students.
  • Choose an MCAT test date from those offered and register.  Registration opens in October for April and May test dates.
  • Submit FAP application for financial assistance on the MCAT and AMCAS (Early February)
  • In January, start preparing for the MCAT (for May test date). Set aside 10-14 hour a week.  You may want to Spring Option as well.

Q6: How should I prepare for law school?

  • Review the timetable for students interested in going into the legal profession.
  • Choose a LSAT test date from those offered (Career Development recommends taking the LSAT in June of your junior year).
  • Explore and register with LSAC.

Q7: How about the GMAT, GRE, etc?

I Want To Start the Job Search

Q12: I know I want a job - but how do I get one?

Q13: I don't know if I'm ready for a job. How about internships? 

  • The answer is still Career Development. They can help you find a company, an industry, or an alumnus to get you the experience you need. 

I Have No Idea What I Want! Help!

Go ahead and check out all of the opportunities on this board.

If you are totally overwhelmed by everything you see here, come chat with me, Dean Simpson, about what your options and next steps are. We're here to help you find your way! Now is the perfect time to do what you want to do!