Housing Agreement - Summer 2018

Washington and Lee University Office of Residential Life

This is a legally binding housing agreement between Washington and Lee University, acting through the Office of Residential Life, and enrolled undergraduate students. In consideration of payments made, the student is entitled to occupy an on-campus residential room and to utilize the services provided by the Office of Residential Life, subject to the terms set forth in this housing agreement. This housing agreement, when appropriately signed and submitted, becomes effective upon its acceptance by the Office of Residential Life and is binding for the full academic year. All on campus residents are required to comply with the policies, guidelines, and expectations for students outlined in the Washington and Lee Student Handbook.  

Summer Room Rate      Single Room: $120/Week
Summer housing charges will be calculated by the number of days assigned to summer housing based on the $120 weekly rate and will be applied to student accounts in August.
A $50 cancellation fee will be charged to all students who decline summer housing prior to moving in.  

Each student will be provided the following furniture: a clothes closet or wardrobe, chest of drawers, study desk, bed, mattress, and chair.  Each student is to provide his or her own bedding, pillow and whatever additional furniture is desired. The following items are strictly prohibited: Any illegal drug paraphernalia, including but not limited to smoking devices and water pipes; Any type of weapon, including but not limited to firearms, blowguns, BB guns, air guns, stun weapons, and knives (except pocket knives having a folding metal blade of less than three inches); Possession or use of fireworks or explosives of any kind in or near the residence halls; water bombs, water fights, or water beds; Pets, except fish (5-gallon tank maximum) and emotional assistance animals approved by the Title IX Coordinator and Director of Disability Resources in advance pursuant to University policy and protocol as a reasonable accommodation for a qualifying disability. Service animals will be allowed under the University's Policy on Use of Service Animals on Campus; The use of hard balls (lacrosse balls, baseballs, etc.) in the residence halls and in the Washington Street Park, Graham-Lees, and Gaines quads; Loft beds (except those assembled and approved by W&L Facilities staff); Incense, candles, halogen lights or lamps, or any open flame or other incendiary agent; Use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in or near the residence halls or on University property; Use or storage of any flammable liquids and solvents (gasoline, kerosene, propane, etc.) in or near student rooms or living areas; Use or storage of self-balancing two-wheel motorized boards, self-propelled electric scooters, and similar devices, also known as Hover boards, Swagways, IO Hawks, Skywalkers, etc.; Extension cords and multi-prong adapters except power strips with a circuit breaker that are UL 1363; space heaters, cooking appliances, ceiling fans, window air conditioners, floor air conditioners, refrigerators of more than 2.5 cubic foot capacity, cinder blocks, alcohol for all students under age 21, and all drugs defined as "controlled substances" under Virginia state law.  Refer to most recent version of the Student Handbook (http://go.wlu.edu/studenthandbook) for complete list of prohibited items. University furniture may not be removed from University housing at any time, including placement on patios or balconies at any time. University furniture may not be removed from University housing at any time, including placement on patios or balconies at any time.  


2.       Students may not move into the residence halls before the designated move-in date. Students who arrive earlier than the designated move-in dates will not be allowed to move into the residence halls or store belongings in their room and will be responsible for finding their own off-campus housing accommoda­tion at their own expense.  
3.       Students must vacate their rooms by 5pm on July 31 unless the student obtains express permission from the Office of Residential Life.  If an extension is granted by the Office of Residential Life, the weekly rate will apply until such time as housing for the academic year 2018-2019 begins.    

4.       Residents are responsible to complete a Room Condition Report (RCR) to document any existing damage upon move in. Otherwise, the occupant assumes responsibility for the condition of the apartment/room. This process should also be completed at checkout.  

5.       At the close of the academic year all rooms must be locked and left in a clean and acceptable condition. Keys must be turned into the Office of Residential Life, Public Safety or a Residential Life staff member before departure.  Students who do not return keys within 48 hours of checking out will be charged $150 for the lock/key replacement. All rooms and common areas will be inspected at check-out and the occupants advised of any necessary charges for cleaning and repairs.  

6.       Any items left in University housing or storage areas will be deemed abandoned property and will be removed by the University and the cost of removal will be charged to student accounts.  

7.       This housing agreement is not transferable; any attempted assignment or delegation shall be VOID. Students are required to reside in the apartment/room to which they have been assigned. Students may not change rooms or move to other University housing without prior approval from the Dean overseeing Residential Life. Any student violating this policy will be referred to the Dean overseeing Student Conduct.  Unassigned rooms are to remain locked at all times.  Students may not use unassigned rooms for storage or for any other use.  

8.       In accepting the terms of this housing agreement, the student agrees to abide by all University policies and state, federal and local laws. Use or possession of substances defined as narcotics or controlled substances may result in termination of University housing without refund. Students who are under the age of 21 are expected, in accordance with Virginia state law, not to possess or consume alcohol on premises. Violation of this condition and any other term of this housing agreement, as well as any University policy, may result in termination of University housing without refund.  

9.       Guests are permitted to stay in University housing no longer than three consecutive nights without permission of a Residential Life staff member. These visits should not exceed six days within a four week period, and must be pre-approved by all residents of the room. Visitors must be 18 years of age or older and are required to abide by all University policies and regulations. Students are responsible for all damages to the premises caused by their invited guests. By signing this housing agreement, the student agrees to respect the rights of roommates, particularly the right to restrict visitors to the room and the right to a reasonable degree of privacy. All students should recognize that living in a residence hall requires compromises and patience.  

10.    The University reserves the right to inspect the apartment/room at any time during the contract period (without notice) and to enter the apartment/room at any time if there are health or safety concerns or reasonable suspicion of illegal activity.  

11.    All Washington and Lee housing facilities are smoke-free. This includes but is not limited to: cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, vapors, oils, hookahs, or any other smoking devices. Smoking is not permitted in any areas of the residence halls or houses, including student rooms, hallways, balconies, porches, and stairwells. Smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of any building containing residential units.  

12.    I understand and agree that I am prohibited from climbing onto outside ledges, accessing the roof, accessing attic areas, and leaning out of balconies and windows.  I also understand that I am prohibited from hanging any objects from pipes, pipe chases, and sprinkler heads. Clothing, posters, banners, flags, or any other form of messages may not be displayed from windows or placed on bannisters, balconies, or railings on the exterior of the building.  

13.    I understand that the University assumes no liability for personal property lost through theft, fire or water damage, or other acts of God. All students are strongly encouraged to secure renters insurance while living in on-campus housing.  

14.    I further agree to rent the type of room I am assigned on the terms and conditions set forth, for Summer 2018.  I understand that residing in Summer housing does not count toward the University's three-year residency requirement.   Finally, I agree to abide by all regulations established for University housing occupancy.