Sustainability House

Location: 218 E Nelson Street
Floors:  3
Coed: by Room
Room Types:  Doubles/Single
Residents:  16
*Air Conditioning: No
On-Site Laundry Room:  Yes
Assigned: by Application

Mission: To provide a strong living and learning community of students with a common interest in understanding and acting upon a broad range of sustainability-related issues. House members will partner with the W&L community and the greater community to examine their own role - both in a local and global sense - in building a more sustainable world. The House environment will provide opportunities for residents to collaborate, host programs and events, and view films, etc. about sustainability themes. 

The Sustainability House has two goals: to live communally and explore ways to minimize human negative impacts on the natural environment, and to offer education and information to the campus community. Residents will be encouraged to sponsor programs and activities within this theme and to collaborate with the Student Affairs Office on the planning and implementation. 

The members of the house aim to learn from each other, recognizing that each person comes from a different background and has a unique view of the world.

Each Bedroom Contains:
one Full XL (extra long) bed with mattress per resident
one wooden desk per resident
one desk chair per resident
one dresser per resident (4 drawers)
one closet per resident
wireless internet
XFINITY On CampusTM is included with on-campus housing!
*Note:  Window Air Conditioning units require annual approval by the Student Health Center.  See Upper-Division FAQs for specific guidelines pertaining to Window A/C approvals and installations.


  • Active participation and interest in sustainability matters
  • No minimum GPA at this time

Expectations of Residents:

  • Participate and help coordinate monthly programming activities
  • Commitment to respect and learn from fellow residents
  • No smoking within 50 yards of the house
  • Must follow University Alcohol Policies

Floor Plans:
First Floor
Second Floor

Questions?  Contact Kim Hodge, Director of Sustainability Initiatives and Education