Global Service House Resident Agreement

Global Service House (GSH) residents are required to agree to and follow all terms set forth below. Any GSH resident not abiding by this agreement may be removed from the Global Service House and asked to find alternative housing.

The Global Service House provides a student and service oriented global center that combines a focus for internationalism, a locale for increased cross-cultural engagement, and a visible home for service activity. As such the house residents represent a diverse ethnic, religious, and socio-economic community which is committed to global learning, respect for fellow residents, and active participation in community service. Residence at the GSH is a distinct privilege and an opportunity for growth and collaboration.

Residents will be expected to participate in SAIL, PAACE or other global learning activities either in the GSH or outside of the house once a month and a community service activity once a month. For reporting, an electronic log will be available on SharePoint so that you can log in the activities that you participate in each month.

The second floor is the residents' living quarters and is not a public space. The first floor has several rooms (living room, study, dining room and TV room) that are used regularly by different student organizations or events primarily related to international learning or community service and are considered ‘public space' that can be reserved by student clubs, departments, or students by contacting Hunter Swanson. The CA will regularly alert residents about pending events so that all residents are aware of the events/meetings occurring each week on the first floor. Residents are welcome to use these public spaces as well when there is not an event/meeting but are not allowed to leave their personal belongings in these spaces.

The kitchen on the first floor is to be used by residents only unless there is a sanctioned meeting/event that the residents have been informed of which requires use of the kitchen. Non-residents may not use the kitchen unless they have been invited by and are in the presence of a resident. With exception of small appliances, residents are required to keep all food items and dishes in their designated bins and refrigerator/freezer ONLY and are expected to clean up after themselves when they cook/eat IMMEDIATELY after eating. Residents cannot leave dirty dishes or food on the counters or in the sink. The CA will set up a work schedule for residents to clean the kitchen and take out recycling.

The bulk of the basement is the Campus Kitchen and all residents are encouraged to sign up online to volunteer there regularly.

No personal items can be stored at the GSH over the summer.

If a resident is found to be in repeated violation of any section of this contract, the resident will be required to transfer to different on-campus housing.

At the end of winter term, a MANDATORY meeting with all residents and the CA will be hosted by Jenny Davidson and Hunter Swanson so that everyone can introduce themselves and we can discuss further the expectations of the residents and plans for the following year.

I have closely read this agreement and understand what will be expected of me as a resident as well as what I should expect by living in the GSH.