Spring Term and Summer Housing

Spring Term Housing

Spring Term at Washington and Lee University is a period where students take one course during the term. This term period applies to the 3-year residency requirement. There are specific circumstances and requirements under which Washington and Lee Students can live on-campus during this period. 

  • Students who are currently enrolled in winter term, living on-campus, and have registered for a spring term abroad course that spends any portion of the course on-campus may retain their housing assignment for the spring term until housing closes at the end of term.
  • Any students going abroad that will not spend a portion of their course on-campus may not retain their on-campus housing for storage or any other reason. They must vacate housing prior to departing for their trip.
  • Any student returning from abroad and registered for a spring term course you are eligible to live on-campus. Residence life will communicate with students abroad via their WLU e-mail information on applying for spring term housing in March. Students who have not met the three-year residency requirement will have priority. Students who have met the residency requirement will be placed based on availability.
    • Students returning from abroad or moving into spring term housing will have swipe access and may retrieve their room key from Public Safety on SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 2023.
  • Students who are on-campus for Winter Term and are registered for an off-campus or abroad spring term course must vacate housing at the end of winter term. See University Housing Dates.
  • Students who have registered to spring option and meet one of the following requirements are eligible to remain in campus housing during spring term and must fill out the "spring option intent to stay form" in eRezLife This form is due the last day of winter term classes:
    • On-campus student employment
    • Graduate entrance exam preparation and examination (i.e., GRE, LSAT, MCAT etc.)
    • Local or on-campus internship or assistantship (i.e., helping a professor with research, or intern with a local organization)
    • Other extenuating circumstance with prior approval from Residence Life
Summer Housing

Washington and Lee University offers summer housing to undergraduate students who are engaged in faculty research or other essential campus work. Students requesting housing for other reasons may apply, but preference will be given to those working on campus. The application will open April 3, 2023 and will close May 1, 2023. Students will select their summer housing May 16th and 17th. Summer housing applicants will receive updates via WLU email.

  • Summer Housing Requirements:
    • Currently enrolled W&L undergraduate student.
    • Engaged in faculty research or other essential campus work.
    • Abide by policies at all times as set forth in the Summer Housing Agreement and Student Handbook.
  • Summer Housing Dates: June 5 through July 31, 2023 (subject to change)
    • Note: We are aware that some summer research programs will begin before and continue after this time-frame. Please list your requested check-in and check-out dates as well as a rationale on the application to reflect your program or other extenuating circumstance that requires an earlier check-in or later check-out. Residence Life will accommodate students on a case by case basis (charges may apply per diem).
  • Location: Village Apartments
  • Cost: There is a flat summer fee of $420.00 per student regardless of check-in and out time.
  • Summer Housing Agreement & Selection Process:
    • Beginning April 3, 2023 log into eRezLife to complete the "Summer 2023 Housing Agreement & Application".
    • May 1st is the summer housing agreement and application deadline. Applications will be reviewed on or shortly after they close. All applicants will receive notification if their application was accepted or denied within one week of the form closing.
      • Note: Even if your summer plans are not finalized, you should still fill out the application and participate in summer housing selection by the deadline. You may retract your application at any time with no penalty or financial obligation.
    • Summer applicants may create roommate groups in eRezLife or participate as an individual.
      • Note: all summer applicants must fill out their own housing agreement and accept their invitation to join roommate groups.
    • There is no "lottery" for summer housing selection, meaning that all rooms are first come, first served regardless of class year. All summer housing applicants will be able to select their housing based on what shows as available to them.
    • May 16th is day one of summer housing selection ("Must Fill Day"):
      • A majority of Village apartments will have a "must fill" requirement meaning that the number of individuals in your group must match the number of bedrooms (4).
      • Only 4 person groups may select this day. This is recommended.
    • May 17th is day two of summer housing selection ("Individual Day"):
      • There will be a limited number of 4 bedroom apartments that do not have a "must fill" requirement. Any vacancies available after day one is open for selection. Those selecting as individuals should expect random roommates.
    • Residence Life reserves the right to fill any vacancies in summer housing should the need arise and/or utilize alternative facilities to house students.
    • For accepted housing applications, students may view their summer housing assignment and roommate information via eRezLife anytime after selection. Students will receive an email when assignments are finalized.
  • Summer Dining: There are limited dining options on campus during the summer months. Please see the Dining Service Hours webpage for updates. Meal plans are NOT available during the summer.  Please contact diningservices@wlu.edu with any dining related questions. 

Check out one of our virtual summer housing info sessions:

      Questions: Email housing@wlu.edu