Off-Campus Housing Guide Helpful information to find, lease, and move into your off-campus home

This guide is intended to provide students with:

  1. A basic overview of landlord/tenant laws;
  2. Information for establishing off-campus residency within Lexington or Rockbridge County; and 
  3. Tips for being a good citizen and member of the community.

Adapted with permission from the University of Missouri-Columbia's Off-Campus Housing Guide

*Note: The legal information contained in this guide is general in nature and does not constitute legal advice. For specific questions about Virginia law, please consult an attorney.

Looking for a Place

Rental property companies, determining your needs, knowing your rights, security deposits.

After the Lease is Signed

Renter's insurance, renter's and landlord's responsibilities, repairs, eviction, lease termination or expiration, subleasing and roommate conflicts.

Off-Campus Safety

General safety tips, preventing burglary, protecting your vehicle, fire prevention and carbon monoxide detection.

Useful Information and Phone Numbers

Telephone, internet, electricity, gas, water, trash collection, recycling, cable, voter registration, driver's licenses and vehicle registration and other local resources.